Johanna Lindbäck

1 januari, 2018

Roxane Gay har en frågespalt

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Roxane Gay som i den coola författaren med till exempel ”Bad feminist” och ”Hunger” bakom sig. Hon har nu fått en frågespalt i New York Times. Ett givet alternativ att förbruka sina gratis-artiklar på.
Den första veckan handlar om skrivande, nämligen om att vara för gammal för att satsa på det, eller för gammal för att slå igenom, och det är så mycket bra i det svaret.

”What I wish I could have told myself when I was hopeless about my writing prospects is that I should have defined artistic success in ways that weren’t shaped by forces beyond my control. Sometimes, success is getting a handful of words you don’t totally hate on the page. Sometimes success is working a full-time job to support your family and raising your kids and finding a way, over several years, to write and finish a novel. Sometimes it’s selling a book to a small press for 25 copies of your book and a vague promise of royalties you may never see. And sometimes, if you are very lucky, artistic success is marked by the glittery things so many of us yearn for — the big money deals, the critical accolades, the multicity book tours, the movie options.”

Och mer:

”Writing and publishing are two very different things. Other writers are not your measure. Try not to worry about what other people your age or younger have already accomplished because it will only make you sick with envy or grief. The only thing you can control is how you write and how hard you work. The literary flavor of the week did not get your book deal. All the other writers in the world are not having more fun than you, no matter what it might seem like on social media, where everyone is showing you only what they want you to see.”

Jag säger bara amen, sister.


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